"I ask the German government to also work to ensure that black people and other minorities who are trying to escape from this war can do the same. These are catastrophic conditions.” - Aminata Touré, Vice President of the State Parliament in Schleswig-Holstein

About the project:

In the days following the start of the Russo-Ukrainian war on 24 February 2022 community activists come together to set up structures for BIPoC and allied volunteers interested in supporting Black people, Indigenous people and People of Color (BIPoC) fleeing the war in Ukraine and arriving to Berlin Central Station. That effort became the BIPoC Infopoint @HBF.

Under the project name: CommUnities Support for BIPoC Refugees from Ukraine (CUSBU), the initiative has grown from reception and clearing to political advocacy, daily support and care work. 

We are on the ground, at the table and standing beside BIPoC refugees arriving to Germany. 

We are working direct with BIPoC refugees to communicate their needs and make their experiences known.

As representatives of the civil society in the crisis council and other governmental meetings, we advocate for BIPoC refugee rights as well as for their fair and equal treatment, nationally and internationally.

We monitor treatment at first receptions centers, at immigration, at embassies, refugee camps, childcare facilities, school, housing and government offices. 


Project CUSBU recognizes that Black People, Indigenous People and People of Color have disproportionally faced obstacles in attaining safety and refuge since the beginning of the Russo-Ukrainian war. As members of particularly disadvantaged groups, Community focus on these particularly vulnerable people is essential.  

Project CUSBU places emphasis on support for Black People, Indigenous People and People of Color, especially African people and People of African decent as members of particularly targeted and marginalized communities, evidenced in the added obstacles to their flight from the war, hinderances in movement to safe countries and detention measures at bordering countries.

We are creating safe spaces for BIPoC refugees that specifically addressing their needs and where can come together as a larger community of people disproportionately discriminated against and find empowerment. 

What We Do

Project CUSBU collaborates jointly with Community and supporting organizations, nationally and internationally, to expand direct support and advocate for BIPoC refugee rights for Ukrainians, students, bi-national families and all third country nationals fleeing the war in Ukrainian. We offer warm meals, advice on social benefits, registration and child services. We offer accompaniment to government offices, access to emergency accommodations and connect incoming BIPoC Refugees to employment opportunities.

Additionally, we work with local government to highlight the needs of especially vulnerable groups, raising awareness and working together to put a stop to the experiences of racism and discrimination BIPoC refugees have experienced throughout their flight.

The CUSBU project activities include:

Supporting Organisations