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BIPoC Support

Migrationsrat e.V. | Berliner Sparkasse

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Offer Accommodation

Are you here to offer accommodation for BIPoC fleeing from Ukraine? You are amazing!

Thank you for your sharing your offer of accommodations. This registry is set up to provide safe accommodations for Black People, Indigenous People, People of Color (BIPoC) persons fleeing from Ukraine. The journey has, in many cases, been extremely challenging. We would like to provide incoming people fleeing the war with information that can help them find free and low-cost accommodations for a few weeks or more.

Your help is very much needed and very much appreciated.

Once your accommodation offer is matched, you will be contacted for confirmation. Please contact us to remove your offer if it becomes filled outside of this list.


Thank you for joining our effort to support BiPoC people fleeing Ukraine.

You are volunteering in Project CUSBU.

We collaborate jointly with Community and supporting organizations, nationally and internationally, to expand direct support and advocate for BIPoC refugee rights for Ukrainians, students, bi-national families and all third country nationals fleeing the war in Ukraine.

We offer warm meals, advice on benefits, registration, child services, accompaniment to government offices, access to emergency accomodations, and connection to employment opportunities. Additionally, we work with local government to add focus to the needs of especially vulnerable groups, raising awareness and working togther to put a stop to the experiences of racism and discrimination BIPoC refugees have experienced throughout their flight.

There are two locations of this project you can volunteer in.

At both locations you will be briefed and supervised (in-person or virtually), so don't worry if this is your first time supporting in an emergency response and social support project.

Just pick the location, date and time that suits you best to volunteer and we'll be happy to work with you!

Please find further instruction on completion of the form. And again: Thank you!

Berlin Central Station (Hauptbahnhof) for first arrival support, e.g. providing them with basic supplies at the station, assisting them to travel further, handing people the most important info or directing them to different places in Berlin for further support.

The Project Office is a community support office for matching people with accommodation, assisting with paperwork, accompanying to government offices, help with accessing legal advice, warm meals and more.